The theme of the monthly Open Draw in MidWest will be INK – not only will you be able to try out different inks and tools, but we will also provide fun exercises so you can warm up and get inky! By the end of the evening, you will be ready to take part in the “inktober” challenge!

✎What is The Open Draw?

A social event for anyone excited about drawing, where we supply all the materials and organize themed nights in order to get your creativity loose! Come along and have a go, meet other creative people, inspire and learn from each other. Our event takes place in Midwest, a lovely renovated school building that also has a cozy bar for snacks, hot & cold drinks.

✎ Entry €10

You can book your spot through our website or pay at the door (please note that it is possible for the space to get full).

What does this include?
– 3hrs of unlimited creativity,
– Exercises and handouts to unleash your creative side,
– A grand variety of quality art supplies,
– High-quality paper,
– Lovely location at Midwest old school building.

✎How the evening will look like:

19:00 – Doors Open
19:30 – Welcome & Quick Intro
21:00- Show & Tell table
22:00- The End.

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